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Children of Lillith by Lauren Devora

Asheville Raven & Crone


Nikki Anderson meets Griffin O'Connor on a blustery fall day in New York and her quiet life as an underpaid barista is shattered. After narrowly escaping from a vicious pack of fledgling vampires, Nikki takes refuge with Griffin and his cadre of gun-toting, knife-throwing cohorts. On the other side of the city, a power-thirsty vampire Alpha named Nicholas Bradley is ruthlessly and systematically expanding his territorial claim of the five boroughs. Unaware his sire, the 953 year old Alexander Rex, is attempting to stage a bloodless coup in a society where blood is the currency. As both sides continue to clash, it becomes apparent Nikki may be a savior for the Hunters and a firebrand destroyer for the vampires, each group desiring to wield her gifts to turn the tide of war in their favor.

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