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Jewel of Inanna by Hannah Desmond

Hannah Desmond


AWARD-WINNING MAGICAL REALISM! The Jewel of Inanna draws you into the magical world of the New Orleans French Quarter. At the center of the story is Lilly Lacouer, a hybrid faery from the Deep Bayou. Lilly is hiding in the French Quarter when she finds refuge with a mystical coven of witches. The coven schools her in ancient knowledge, magical insights, and esoteric rituals, awakening her magical abilities. She is chosen to be the guardian of the Jewel of Inanna, a Sumerian crystal holding a flame of transmutation. Lilly's life is filled with rituals and visions as she aligns with the energy of the crystal. Her life is not all esoteric studies, she meets a young musician, falls in love, and joins him in making music. A cruel abduction proves to Lilly that her powers are growing and she can overcome evil until she meets her nemesis who threatens her sanity and her life. This story is filled with loveable characters who lend their knowledge and powerful assistance to Lilly. Of course, there are characters who follow the left-hand path of darkness. From the ritual temple of a secret coven to, to the attic chamber of a dark sorceress, to the hidden depths of an ancient pyramid the Jewel of Inanna leads you through a magical adventure, conspires to expose dark magick, reveal ancient secrets, and offer a pathway to the next steps in our evolution.

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