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The Bridge to Home by A.F. Jordan



There comes a time when you have to lose your life in order to find it. 
Jane May Gideon’s life has been turned upside down. Divorced and estranged from her only child, she longs for a retreat from her mundane reality. Seeking peace and solace she quickly finds more than she bargained for in a sleepy little Smoky Mountain hamlet. Set against the verdant backdrop of the Southern Appalachians, The Bridge to Home finds Jane May embarking on an unexpected journey. A journey that will take her from the top of a mountain through the unexplored depths of her soul. A journey that will take her home. 
An angry young woman and her little boy who has a special way with animals, a kind but tortured old man with a shocking secret, the proprietor of a strange arcane shop, and a mysterious medicine woman will all play their parts in guiding Jane onto a path that she never suspected she would find.

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